Climate finance

Climate Investment in Latin America Nov 2021 - This report on Climate Investment in Latin America offers insights into low-carbon investments and key trends in sectoral decarbonisation and analyses the sectoral policy landscape for scaling up low-carbon investments in Argentina, Brazil and Peru.
Paris alignment of gas? Oct 2021 - A survey of climate risks related to gas investments, outlining the need for much tighter restrictions on lending for all parts of the gas value chain.
Aligning agribusiness and the broader food system with the Paris Agreement Jun 2021 - Investment criteria for agriculture and the broader food system
Transforming the finance sector with technical assistance Jun 2021 - We assessed whether and to what extent the provision of technical assistance could help to transform the finance sector, using the example of support provided in the context of green bonds in Kenya and China.
Aligning Financial Intermediary Investments with the Paris Agreement Jun 2021 - This working paper provides input into ongoing discussion of Paris consistency and alignment of financial flows according to the Agreement’s Article 2.1c.
Operationalization Framework on Aligning with the Paris Agreement Jun 2021 - In this paper, NewClimate Institute and I4CE developed a framework for financial institutions to provide them with guidance to start the alignment process.
Climate, COVID-19, and the Developing Country Debt Crisis Apr 2021 - Debt for climate swaps may represent part of a larger approach to address the COVID-19, economic, climate triple crisis. This working paper explores potential criteria for prioritising potential partner countries to pursue such approaches.
Renovation in Poland Jan 2021 - In the coming years, Poland will gain access to unprecedented funds for thermal modernization of buildings. Limited monitoring of financial flows in the area of buildings renovation creates a risk of only partial and inefficient use of this opportunity.
Unpacking the finance sector’s climate related investment commitments Sep 2020 - This report provides insights into the magnitude and ambition of financial institution’s climate-related investment targets, and investigates their relationship with GHG emissions in the real economy.
Aligning transport investments with the Paris Agreement Sep 2020 - We assess the EIB's transport-related investment portfolio 2015-2019 and propose evaluation criteria to align transport investments with the Paris Agreement.