Implications of the Paris Agreement on national climate change mitigation efforts

NewClimate, in a consortium with Climate Analytics, Fraunhofer ISI and Ecologic investigates medium and long-term targets for various large emitters of greenhouse gases (Brazil, Canada, China, EU28, Germany, India, Japan, and USA). The project aims at supporting negotiations of increased NDCs and 2050 emission reduction targets. It provides analytical inputs on how the Paris Agreement translates to national emissions reductions. The quantitative and qualitative assessment includes the “fair share” of mitigation of the countries, in comparison to least-cost pathways under consideration of other national circumstances. A specific focus of the project is to accompany the process around the EU’s long-term strategy with analytical inputs and a stakeholder workshop. The project also analysed if and how faster-than-expected cost decreases in renewable technologies and batteries can be taken into account when revising NDCs.

The project is funded by the German Environment Agency (UBA).