Developing guidance under ICAT – non-state and subnational actors

Providing policy makers with tools and support to measure and assess the effects of their climate policies.

Under the umbrella of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT), an initiative aimed at providing policy makers with common tools and support to measure and assess the effects of their climate policies, a series of guidance documents are currently being developed. NewClimate Institute together with CDP, The Climate Group and WRI is responsible for the development of policy guidance on non-state and subnational action, while others develop specific sector-level or general guidance on stakeholder participation or transformational change for example.

Currently, countries often do not fully consider and account for mitigation activities of actors other than national governments when determining national contributions to mitigate climate change, even though they are becoming increasingly important. Indeed, national governments may be unaware of action undertaken by states, regions, cities and businesses, unsure about the extent to which those actions are a means toward achieving national climate targets or go beyond them, and unable to reflect the impact in national projections, policy development and target setting.

The project will develop a guide on how national policy makers can better take into account non-state and subnational actions in their national emissions planning and policy development. Further, we will scope different options for developing a comprehensive database for non-state and subnational action, with the objective of supporting policy makers with their analysis of national climate policies and planning.