Analysis of pre-2020 developments in the global carbon market

Continuous analysis of the status and developments of mitigation activities in the global carbon market up to 2020.

The German Emission Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the Federal Environment Agency contracted a consortium led by NewClimate Institute, to follow and evaluate the current situation and developments in the international carbon market over the period up to 2020. The project focusses in particular on an assessment of the vulnerability of existing project-based mitigation activities (e.g. CDM, JI) for the discontinuation of abatement activity, potential new mitigation opportunities, and the identification of possible support schemes and demand incentives for these project types. For this purpose, selected project types in specific countries, representing the most relevant compositions that allow for the derivation of recommendations in many applications, will be analysed. The results of this work will be used as a foundation for the debate on future market developments and related measures at the international level, contributing to the scientific guidance on the transition phase until a new climate agreement enters into force in 2020.

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