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Transforming EU Foreign Policy: Reforms to elevate climate

As the next EU cycle begins, the EU must reform its climate diplomacy to maintain leadership and competitiveness amidst rising geopolitical tensions and climate impacts. Our latest report shows that strong leadership, clear mandates, resources, and effective structures are essential to integrate...

The Climate Action Tracker's guide to a good 2035 climate target

The CAT released its "Guide to a good 2035 target" at the climate talks in Bonn, Germany today, setting out a detailed, four-point recipe of key elements governments need to include in their next round of climate targets (Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs), to be submitted to the UNFCCC...

Net zero or zero sense: Three reasons to rethink financial institution's voluntary targets

This blog reveals three critical limitations in the voluntary approach of financial institutions’ net-zero targets: the low integrity of existing targets, their limited ability to directly control investee emissions, and a finance-first mandate that hinders voluntary climate action.

Green Hydrogen for Sustainable Development: The Role of Multilateral Development Banks

This report examines the role of multilateral development banks in ensuring that producer countries secure sustainable development benefits from green hydrogen development.

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