Submitted climate change proposals (INDCs) cover over 85% of global emissions by October

Contacts for further information: Thomas Day, Niklas Höhne

The updated results of NewClimate Institute’s research to track the preparation of INDCs are now published.

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All countries have been asked to present an emissions reduction proposal, which would ultimately be included in a new international climate agreement in December 2015.  119 submissions, representing 147 Parties, were received by 02 October 2015, representing over 85% of total global GHG emissions. Details of these submissions will be documented in the UNFCCC’s synthesis report, which will be made available to Parties in time for the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, December 2015.  Analysis from the Climate Action Tracker estimates that the collective emission level resulting from submitted INDCs so far will lead to warming of 2.7°C above pre-industrial levels. This is 0.4°C lower than the estimate from December 2014 and illustrates significant progress, while still requiring further efforts in order to hold warming below 2°C. It also presents a strong improvement compared to a scenario with current policies, which would lead to warming of 3.6°C according to CAT. According to research from NewClimate Institute, submissions are likely to represent over 92% of global GHG emissions by the start of Paris negotiations.

Research from NewClimate Institute for UNFCCC and UNDP has tracked the progress of INDC preparations worldwide, and collected insights and lessons learned from the various preparation approaches. An update of the results was published on 02 October 2015 and includes information on the progress that 165 Parties have made in the preparation of their INDCs.

NewClimate Institute’s INDC tracker shows the status of INDC submissions by the end of September, as well as expected submissions for the coming months.

The full results, aggregated at the global and regional level, are available to browse.