The Global Good Practice Analysis is a joint initiative by the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV and the UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building Programme and documents examples of mitigation-related good practice worldwide which demonstrate how INDCs, LEDS, NAMAs and MRV systems are being effectively designed and implemented across a range of national contexts. In the second edition of the Global Good Practice Analysis (GPA2.0) a new selection of cases was examined by a consortium led by NewClimate Institute and including the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Libélula. The good practice examples demonstrate how mitigation actions, ranging from LEDS over NAMAs and MRV to INDCs, are being effectively designed and implemented across different national contexts, including developed and developing countries. The resulting good practice case studies provide rich insights from 19 countries on successes and lessons learned that can be disseminated internationally to support increased mitigation ambition.

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