Benefits of climate change mitigation action in cities

Analysing the benefits of potential climate change mitigation for cities.

NewClimate Institute has partnered with C40 Cities to conduct a quantitative analysis of the benefits of potential climate change mitigation actions for cities. Mitigation measures in the building and transport sector, as well as in urban planning, are identified for analysis, prioritising those measures that are considered to hold high mitigation potential, large synergies with broader development objectives, and a high level of policy making influence at the city-level.
The project develops new methodologies for the calculation of various social and economic benefits from the identified measures, including indicators related to health, equity, household savings, economic productivity, comfort and resilience to climate change impacts, amongst others. Indicative and aggregated results of the benefits from various mitigation scenarios are presented at the regional level, including developed and developing country regions.
The project forms part of a longer term vision and partnership between NewClimate Institute and C40 Cities, which aims to increase the accessibility of co-benefit assessments to national and subnational decision makers worldwide.

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