A week after the Climate Action Tracker announced that Canada's submitted INDC provided an "inadequate" contribution to global climate change mitigation efforts, new analysis by NewClimate Institute shows that Canada's reduced ambition misses out on a number of significant potential benefits for energy security, reduced premature deaths from air pollution, and job creation in the renewable energy sector.

See the assessment of co-benefit potential for Canada

See the full Climate Action Tracker assessment of Canada's INDC

This analysis was published on Monday 8th June in a larger report containing an assessment for five major countries. This report first provides an overview of the general co-benefits that climate action may have and how they could be used to incentivise further ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. We then provide illustrative results for the co-benefits achieved by the INDCs of the U.S., China, the EU, Canada and Japan, as well as an indication of the forgone or missed benefits that could have been achieved through action that leads to 100% renewable energy in 2050.

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