Increasing climate resilience in the Northern Territory: Harnessing opportunities and mitigating climate risk

A response to the Northern Territory Government’s climate change discussion paper


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This report aims to inform the development of a climate change strategy in the Northern Territory (of Australia). It serves to highlight examples of how the Northern Territory Government can mitigate climate risk and realise the significant opportunities associated with implementing climate solutions.

This research was conducted by an independent Research Fellow, Dr Ellin Lede, throughout a three-month fellowship funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Green Talent Award for High Potentials in Sustainable Development, 2017). The fellowship was undertaken at the NewClimate Institute. All views expressed in this report are the authors own.

Key conclusions:

  • For the Northern Territory Government to mitigate dangerous climate risk, an evidence-based climate change policy must be implemented. This policy should include an emissions reduction target of net zero emissions by 2050 and a comprehensive climate change adaptation strategy.
  • The Northern Territory Government must engage all sectors across the Territory to achieve the scale of change that is required.
  • If strategically designed and executed – with a people-centred focus – a low-carbon transition will deliver clear benefits. Importantly; the technology and expertise required for this transition are available today.