Where do they go from here? Analysing the status quo of CDM projects

Warnecke, Day, in: Carbon Mechanisms Review – Issue 3/2015, pp 22-27

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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has become one of the world’s most important carbon market instruments, diffusing carbon price signals worldwide, stimulating major private investments in climate change mitigation projects, and supporting the development of mitigation action in developing countries. The situation of project activities, and domestic and international capacities related to the CDM, have noticeably deteriorated following the recent decline of the market conditions. However, a major information gap exists regarding the actual status of individual CDM projects worldwide, as well as their current barriers and required means for the continuation of these projects. In order to close this gap, a large representative sample of projects were evaluated individually in a recent study to extract insights and lessons regarding national situations, technology-specific considerations, and the CDM as a whole.

Contacts for further information: Carsten Warnecke, Thomas Day