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Climate Action Tracker - Climate Governance Series
Publication date 22 Nov 2018

The CAT expands to evaluate the ability and readiness of national governments to the required economy-wide zero emissions society.

Climate Change Performance Index
Publication date 22 Nov 2018

The index evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of the 58 largest emitters of GHG emissions globally.

Overviews on sectoral implementation of nationally determined contributions
Publication date 15 Dec 2017

An overview of status and prospects for NDC implementation at the sector level. It provides key recommendations with implementation.

Capacity building for integrated and ambitious climate policy planning in Georgia and Mongolia
Publication date 15 Dec 2017

Support the Government of Mongolia in the development of the NDC Implementation Plan, as well as ambition raising in the energy sector.

Pathways and entry points to 1.5 °C (PEP1p5)
Publication date 15 Dec 2017

Developed a scientific and policy relevant assessment of the long-term goal to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C in the Paris Agreement.

Analysing the aggregate impact of global non-state and subnational climate action
Publication date 13 Dec 2017

The aggregate impact of non-state and subnational actors (cities, regions and businesses) around the world on greenhouse gas emissions.

Implementation of future GHG mitigation goals: Framework conditions and transformative challenges in selected focus countries
Publication date 14 Nov 2017

Analysed quantitative and qualitative information on climate policies, actions and future options for deeper emission cuts in multiple countries.

Cool contributions fighting climate change
Publication date 18 Apr 2017

Advance the global transformation towards climate-friendly and energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) technologies.

Technology NDE for Germany
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

Aid the operation of the German National Designated Entity (NDE) to foster cooperation and technology transfer in support of climate policy goals.

Climate Action Tracker – Decarbonisation Module
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

Contributes to the CAT, a database of decarbonisation indicators on sector- and country-level for over 30 countries.

The Non-state and Subnational Action Guide
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

A Non-state and subnational action guide, providing policy makers with tools and support to assess the effects of their climate policies.

Mobilising Nordic climate finance post Paris
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

Study to identify how Nordic institutions can best contribute to mobilising climate finance for developing countries to support the PA.

EU Climate diplomacy
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

Reviewed the EU’s climate diplomacy effectiveness from 2009-2015, and developed recommendations on the EU’s strategy for the negotiations.

Ambition to Action
Publication date 28 Feb 2017

A2A supports Argentina, Indonesia, and Kenya with the implementation of their NDCs by applying a benefits-based approach.

What the Paris Agreement means for climate action in the Netherlands
Publication date 14 Feb 2017

This analysis translates the goals of the international climate regime as determined by the Paris Agreement into the context of the Netherlands.

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