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Informing EU policy options for tackling aviation’s climate impact
Publication date 08 Sep 2020

The project provided an assessment of CORSIA and considered a number of different options for regulating emissions from the aviation sector.

Deep Decarbonisation in Latin America

Create an improved policy and regulatory framework to mobilise investments to achieve the long-term goals of the PA in Latin America.

Implications of the decrease of RES-E and battery cost projections for the revision of the NDCs of Argentina, Mexico and Indonesia

Investigated the potential impact of the investment cost reductions of renewables for three countries: Argentina, Mexico, and Indonesia.

De-risking renewable energy investment in South Eastern Europe
Publication date 16 Oct 2019

Looked at the impact of de-risking measures on the financing cost of renewable energy investments in Greece and Serbia.

CORSIA: Analysis and evaluation of regulating international aviation emissions through offsetting
Publication date 12 Sep 2019

An assessment of CORSIA – proposed recommendations and evaluated potential sources of supply for offset credits.

Future role for voluntary carbon markets after 2020
Publication date 12 Sep 2019

An assessment of operating models for voluntary carbon markets, providing recommendations to maintain finance to emission reduction activities.

Analysis of pre-2020 developments in the global carbon market
Publication date 29 Aug 2019

Developed and applied a method to assess the vulnerability of existing project-based mitigation activities to discontinuing their abatement activity.

Virtual Article 6 Pilots
Publication date 17 Jun 2019

These virtual pilots are intended to be mitigation pilot activities based on real-world contexts, which could be implemented in the future.

Sustainable development framework for market mechanisms
Publication date 17 Jun 2019

Provides an identification of practical solutions and concrete proposals for the implementation of SD indicators in GHG mitigation projects.

Landscape of Climate Finance: Promoting debate on climate finance flows in Central Europe
Publication date 15 Feb 2019

The project promoted best practices in the assessment of current investment levels to support an increase in sustainable financial flows.

Implications of the Paris Agreement on national climate change mitigation efforts
Publication date 30 Nov 2018

Investigated medium and long-term targets for large emitters of GHGs and provided inputs on how the PA translates to national emissions reductions.

Technical advisory services “Global Carbon Market”
Publication date 30 Nov 2018

Support in strengthening Germany’s cooperation on carbon markets and its position on international emissions trade instruments of the PA.

Paris compatible investment criteria
Publication date 30 Nov 2018

Provides recommendations on how development banks could strengthen existing tools to align their portfolios with the transition to Paris alignment.

Climate Action Tracker – Scaling Up Climate Action
Publication date 29 Nov 2018

Scaling Up Climate Action country series, identifies options for increased sectoral action that move countries compatible with the PA.

Climate Opportunity

Development of new methodologies, to provide policymakers with a blueprint on how cities evaluate these impacts and benefits.

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