Identified technology needs in TNAs and (i)NDCs

This briefing paper introduces the Technology Needs Database (TND) compiled to support activities of the National Designated Entity (NDE) of Germany for technology transfer under the UNFCCC. The database captures technology needs identified by developing countries in Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) and (intended) Nationally Determined Contributions ((i)NDCs) to achieve national climate goals in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Read More

Publication in Local Environment: The transformational potential of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Tanzania: assessing the concept’s cultural legitimacy among stakeholders in the solar energy sector

While energy-sector emissions remain the biggest source of climate change, many least-developed countries still invest in fossil-fuel development paths. These countries generally have high levels of fossil-fuel technology lock-in and low capacities to change, making the shift to sustainable energy difficult. Tanzania, a telling example, is projected to triple fossil-fuel power production in the next… Read More