Enhanced ambition for Japan’s draft INDC could save USD 25 billion, 15,000 lives and 67,000 new jobs each year

Whilst Japan’s INDC achieves a significant amount of benefits for the economy and the domestic population through cost savings and reduced deaths from air pollution, the scale of the potential benefits from more ambitious action that are missed by the limited ambition of the INDC is much greater. Read More

Climate change proposals (INDCs) expected to cover 58% of global GHG emissions by the end of June, after a wave of new submissions

As delegates gather in Bonn this morning for the UNFCCC climate change conference, a new wave of submissions of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to the UNFCCC’s INDC portal are expected to be announced during the course of the two-week negotiations. Read More

How to assess the level of ambition of an intended nationally determined contribution

In the preparation for the new international climate agreement to be adopted in Paris 2015, all countries are asked to put offers on the table on how much they are willing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions after 2020. Once these “intended nationally determined contributions” are made, they need to be evaluated to assess, whether countries of similar circumstances are willing to undertake equally ambitious actions. Read More