Tracking climate action

Climate Action Tracker: Exploring new electric vehicle roadmaps for China in a post-COVID-19 era Oct 2021 - In this report, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) explores several sets of scenarios for the evolution of the passenger vehicle stock in China, in order to inform on emission reduction and electricity demand implications.
Publication in Nature Climate Change: Wave of net zero emission targets opens window to meeting the Paris Agreement Sep 2021 - This article published in "Nature Climate Change" analyses the recent wave of national net zero targets showing that there is significant momentum which could bring the temperature limit of the Paris Agreement within reach.
Climate Action Tracker Global update: Climate target updates slow as science ramps up need for action Sep 2021 - This briefing provides an overview of the development in climate action over the last year and illustrates the new CAT assessment of the countries we analyse, based on our updated method.
National ‘fair shares’ in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the principled framework of international environmental law Sep 2021 - This Climate Policy journal article introduces a conceptual framework to assess the progress, implementation, and impact of climate action by sub- and non-state actors.
NDC Design Jul 2021 - We evaluate the NDCs along key elements that are critical for the success of the NDC ambition cycle: 1. Increased mitigation ambition; 2. Comprehensiveness; 3. Implementation plan; and 4. Transparency.
Global climate action from cities, regions and businesses – 2021 Jun 2021 - This report is the third and the latest edition of the series since 2018 that take stock of climate action by cities, regions and businesses and their global aggregate impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The 2021 edition focuses on the progress of non-state and subnational actors toward their emissions reduction targets.
Greenhouse gas emission scenarios in nine key non-G20 countries: An assessment of progress toward 2030 climate targets Jun 2021 - This study compares greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projections in 2030 under current policies and those under 2030 mitigation targets for nine key non-G20 countries, that collectively account for about 5 % of global total emissions today. These include the four largest non-G20 fossil CO2 emitting Parties to the UN climate convention pre-Paris Agreement (Iran, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Ukraine) and one of the largest land-use GHG emitters in the world (Democratic Republic of the Congo).
The Challenges of Assessing “Collective Progress”: Design Options for an effective Global Stocktake process under the UNFCCC May 2021 - This paper examines the questions of what an effective Global Stocktake process would look like, and what information and data are needed to support it.
Climate Action Tracker Global update: Climate Summit Momentum May 2021 - Climate action announcements at US President Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate, together with those announced since September last year, have improved the Climate Action Tracker’s warming estimate by 0.2°C. End of century warming from these Paris Agreement pledges and targets is now estimated to be 2.4°C.