Tracking climate action

Beyond national climate action: the impact of region, city, and business commitments on global greenhouse gas emissions Mar 2020 - This article quantifies the net aggregate impact in 2030 of commitments by individual non-state and subnational actors (e.g. regions, cities and businesses, collectively referred to as ‘NSAs’) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Emissions: four times the work or one-third of the time (English) Mar 2020 - This comment published in "Nature" uses the last ten UNEP reports to show what a wasted decade means for the climate pact made in Paris.
Emissionen: viermal so viel Arbeit – oder ein Drittel der Zeit (Deutsch) Mar 2020 - Dieser im "Nature"-Journal veröffentlichte Kommentar zeigt anhand der letzten zehn UNEP-"Gap"-Berichte, was ein versäumtes Jahrzehnt für den in Paris geschlossenen Klimapakt bedeutet.
Greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for major emitting countries – Analysis of current climate policies and mitigation commitments: 2019 Update Dec 2019 - This report provides an overview of projected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 25 major emitting countries/regions up to 2030, taking into account the emission trajectories based on current policies and the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs).
The Climate Change Performance Index 2020 Dec 2019 - Developed by NewClimate Institute, Germanwatch and CAN, the index ties in with the global Climate Change Performance Index by Germanwatch, a rating of the 58 largest emitters of GHG emissions globally that has been published annually since 2006.
Assessment of the potentials to increase emissions reduction targets by the major GHGs emitters taking into consideration technological and political feasibility Dec 2019 - This report shows the potential distribution of the emissions reduction efforts between different Parties based on different approaches and presents an in-depth assessment of the circumstances influencing the (over-) achievement of the currently suggested emissions reduction goals.
Fairness- and Cost-Effectiveness-Based Approaches to Effort-Sharing under the Paris Agreement Dec 2019 - This report shows national GHG emissions reductions for 2030 and 2050 that are consistent with the Paris Agreements’ long-term temperature goal, both based on fairness and cost-effectiveness approaches.
Guiding questions for the Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement Nov 2019 - The independent Global Stocktake (iGST) seeks to increase the accuracy, transparency, accountability, and relevance of the official Global Stocktake benchmarking process by bringing together independent researchers and advocates. In this paper, build on previous work, we aim to identify knowledge gaps as well as potential areas of focus for a successful GST to take place.
The Emissions Gap Report 2019: A UN Environment Synthesis Report Nov 2019 - This is the tenth edition of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report. It provides the latest assessment of scientific studies on current and estimated future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and compares these with the emission levels permissible for the world to progress on a least-cost pathway to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.
Bridging the Gap: Enhancing mitigation ambition and action at G20 level
and globally
Sep 2019 - This pre-released chapter of the 2019 Emissions Gap Report provides an overview of recent ambitious climate actions by governments as well as non-state actors, and a detailed overview of policy progress and opportunities for enhanced mitigation ambition for selected G20 members.