Tracking climate action

A review of successful climate change mitigation policies in major emitting economies and the potential of global replication Jan 2021 - This journal article in ‘Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews’ looks at climate change mitigation policies in five major emitting economies and the potential of global replication of sectors’ progress.
Decreasing costs of renewables in Argentina (two reports) Dec 2020 - The research looks at how cost reductions for renewable energy technologies impact energy planning and climate policy in Argentina, including in the NDC process.
Subnational and non-state action in the EU Dec 2020 - This working paper describes the landscape, (additional) GHG emission reduction potential, and progress towards target realisation of subnational and non-state actors in the EU.
The Emissions Gap Report 2020 Dec 2020 - The 11th edition of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report assesses the gap between “where we are likely to be and where we need to be”, which has become known as the ‘emissions gap’. Additionally, this year it examines two areas that are highly relevant for bridging the gap, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic: the shipping and aviation sectors.
The Climate Change Performance Index 2021 Dec 2020 - Developed by Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute and CAN, the index rates 57 greenhouse emitters globally since 2005.
Navigating the nuances of net-zero targets Oct 2020 - We seek to unravel net-zero targets to better enable the identification of truly ambitious actors and enhance support towards them.
Sub- and non-state climate action: A framework to assess progress, implementation and impact Oct 2020 - This Climate Policy journal article introduces a conceptual framework to assess the progress, implementation, and impact of climate action by sub- and non-state actors.
Overview of recently adopted mitigation policies and climate-relevant policy responses to COVID-19 – 2020 Update Oct 2020 - This report presents an overview of recent climate mitigation policies, climate-relevant responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and a state of play of NDC and LTS submissions in 25 countries and regions.
Unpacking the finance sector’s climate related investment commitments Sep 2020 - This report provides insights into the magnitude and ambition of financial institution’s climate-related investment targets, and investigates their relationship with GHG emissions in the real economy.
Accelerating Net Zero: Exploring Cities, Regions, and Companies’ Pledges
to Decarbonise
Sep 2020 - A growing number of subnational and corporate actors set net-zero emissions targets. This paper provides an summary of the momentum of target setting among these subnational and corporate actors.