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Sofia Gonzales is a climate policy analyst at NewClimate Institute. She joined the team in April 2015. Sofia works on climate policy development and analysis ─with focus on low carbon plans and strategies in developing countries─, and on tracking international climate action and the quantitative analysis of GHG emission trajectory scenarios and governments’ mitigation efforts.

Sofia holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the National Agrarian University (UNALM, Peru) and an M.Sc. in Global Change Ecology from the University of Bayreuth. For her Master thesis, which she developed in collaboration with NewClimate Institute, she analysed the role of co-benefits in defining mitigation ambition of the INDCs in four countries: Switzerland, India, Peru and South Africa. Prior to joining NewClimate Institute, she worked at Libelula in Lima, Peru were she supported a flagship mitigation project (PlanCC) as a Research Specialist; and before that she worked at the Ministry of Environment of Peru, assisting during the country preparation process towards the Rio+20 Conference.

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