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Harry Fearnehough is an economist with eight years of experience working across various aspects of climate and energy-related policy. Having started his career in industry he has now built up extensive experience working in an advisory capacity for governments and other public-sector bodies, international industry associations and private clients active within both energy and carbon markets. His work includes analyses of carbon pricing schemes around the world, due diligence of renewable energy investments, advice on national energy efficiency policies and research into fossil fuel subsidies.

Harry has worked on a range of policy design issues related to the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Examples include provisions to limit carbon leakage under the EU ETS, analyses of the impact of national carbon tax levels and the interaction between complementary policy mechanisms. He has assessed barriers to financing low-carbon technologies and advised on approaches to leverage climate finance from the private sector. His current research includes quantifying employment and energy security co-benefits associated with electricity sector transformation in developing countries and an analysis of the implications for new sources of demand for carbon credits, such as CORSIA, on the CDM market.

Harry joined NewClimate Institute in 2017 as a climate policy analyst, based in Cologne. Prior to this he spent five years as a consultant in the Environment practice at Nera Economic Consulting in London and worked for three years in a commercial role at EDF Energy. Harry received his BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics.

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