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Hannah Meuser joined NewClimate Institute as a Financial Assistant in May, 2017. Apart from taking care of the fields of finance management and accounting, she is concerned with contract management and supports the office management with further administrative tasks. Prior to her work at NewClimate Institute Hannah worked for an international solar company operating in Pakistan where she was responsible for the fields of finance management, accounting, controlling, and further general tasks included in the office management. She has international experiences deriving from her work with Pakistan at the solar company, the U.S. Consulate General, as well as from the French BNP Paribas bank. While working in the Project Organisation team at the F.A.Z. Institute for market and media communications, Hannah planned, structured and organized professional workshops and events, and took care of marketing activities.

Hannah holds a M.A. in North American Studies with the focus on International Politics and Economics from the University of Bonn and a B.A. in American Studies and Economics from the University of Mainz. During her B.A. studies, she spent one semester abroad at the San José State University in California, USA.

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