Major challenges ahead for Paris Agreement to meet its 1.5°C warming limit

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Read the full analysis from the Climate Action Tracker Watch the press release webcast Marrakech—10 November 2016 – The rapid entry into force of the Paris Agreement has created the legal basis for countries to increase their level of action and ambition to meet the 1.5°C warming limit over… Read More

Trump ist Risiko für die internationale Klimapolitik

Die Wahl von Donald Trump als neuer Präsident der USA stellt für die internationale Klimapolitik ein großes Risiko dar, mit direkten Auswirkungen sowohl auf nationaler Ebene für die USA als auch für den gesamten internationalen Klimaverhandlungsprozess im Zuge des Paris Abkommens. Trotz Vorbehalten des amerikanischen Kongresses setzte die Regierung unter Präsident Barack Obama mehrere Klimaschutzmaßnahmen… Read More

Deutsche Energiewende müsste nach Paris beschleunigt werden

“Die Energiewende müsste erheblich beschleunigt werden, um die Ziele des Pariser Abkommens zu erfüllen”, sagte Prof. Dr. Niklas Höhne auf dem 11. Deutschen Energiekongress am 7.9.2016 in München. Das Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen hat als Ziel, die Erderwärmung auch “weit unter 2°C” zu begrenzen und Anstrengungen zu unternehmen, sie auf 1.5°C zu begrenzen. Dazu müsste Deutschlands Energiewende beschleunigt werden.… Read More

Inaugurational lecture: Time window for action to limit climate change is closing rapidly

Press release Wageningen, September 1, 2016 – The window of opportunity for limiting climate warming up to 2°C is closing rapidly. However, a reinforcing upward spiral of national government policy, non-state actions and transformative coalitions will be essential even after the Paris agreement, if dangerous climate change is to be avoided. This optimistic, but critical… Read More

Climate Transparency: G20 not yet on the necessary transition from a “brown” to “green” economy

Press release from Climate Transparency Beijing, 1 September 2016 — The G20 needs to make more effort to move to a green, low-carbon economy, especially in the areas of coal power expansion and climate policy, but is beginning to head in the right direction.  This is the key result of a comprehensive assessment of G20… Read More

Publication in Nature: Paris Agreement climate proposals need a boost to keep warming well below 2°C

The Paris climate agreement aims at holding global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius and to “pursue efforts” to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius. To accomplish this, countries have submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) outlining their post-2020 climate action. Here we assess the effect of current INDCs on reducing aggregate greenhouse gas… Read More

Publication in Local Environment: The transformational potential of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Tanzania: assessing the concept’s cultural legitimacy among stakeholders in the solar energy sector

While energy-sector emissions remain the biggest source of climate change, many least-developed countries still invest in fossil-fuel development paths. These countries generally have high levels of fossil-fuel technology lock-in and low capacities to change, making the shift to sustainable energy difficult. Tanzania, a telling example, is projected to triple fossil-fuel power production in the next… Read More

Presseerklärung: Pariser Abkommen verpflichtet Deutschland zu schnellerer Energiewende

Presseerklärung vom 23. Februar 2016 Pariser Klimaabkommen verpflichtet Deutschland zu weit schnellerem Ausbau der Erneuerbaren Download der Studie Analyse: Deutschland muss Energieversorgung bis spätestens 2035 komplett auf Erneuerbare umstellen Berlin, 23. 2. 2016 – Als Folge des internationalen Klimaabkommens von Paris muss Deutschland seine Energieversorgung weit schneller komplett auf Erneuerbare Energien umstellen als bislang geplant.… Read More

What the Paris Agreement means for global climate change mitigation

On 12 December 2015, 195 countries made history when they agreed the first truly global international climate change agreement, marking a major milestone in a political process that has spanned decades. What is the significance of the agreement for the future of climate change mitigation efforts? NewClimate Institute reflects on the implications of the 2015 Paris Agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

Paris Agreement: stage set to ramp up climate action

12th December 2015 Click here for briefing. From the perspective of the Climate Action Tracker, the Paris Agreement will positively influence the world’s ability to limit the adverse effects of climate change. For the first time, an international climate agreement has, at its core, a goal to not just hold warming below 2°C, but critically specifies… Read More

Climate Action Tracker: Climate pledges will bring 2.7 of warming, potential for more action

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Climate pledges will bring 2.7 of warming, potential for more action Paris-8 December 2015 – With 158 climate pledges now submitted to the UN, accounting for 94% of global emissions, the Climate Action Tracker today confirmed this would result in around 2.7˚C of warming in 2100 – if all… Read More

Climate Action Tracker: Coal plant plans could wipe out hope of holding warming below 2°C, and threaten achievement of INDCs

Press release from the Climate Action Tracker Paris – 1 December 2015 – If all coal plants in the pipeline were to be built, by 2030, emissions from coal power would be 400% higher than what is consistent with a 2˚C pathway, according to a new analysis released by the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) at the Paris… Read More

NewClimate Institute at COP 21 in Paris

NewClimate Institute is at COP21 in Paris. The team will provide new inputs from recent research in the fields of INDCs, climate change negotiations, climate and development, carbon markets, climate finance and international cooperative initiatives. Please check our flyer and website for updates on side events and for further information on individual projects. Download flyer… Read More