Ambitious climate actions and targets by countries, regions, cities and businesses

Climate commitments by countries, regions, cities, and businesses are numerous. But which ones are really ambitious and in line with phasing out greenhouse gases entirely? We list here an overview of truly ambitious climate actions and targets by countries, regions, cities, and businesses. This growing list shows that in all areas, there are actors that aim for the ambition level needed to fully decarbonise our society. For zero emission targets, 100% renewable targets and 100% emission free vehicles, the groups of actors is already sizeable. Even in sectors, in which reaching zero emissions was thought to be difficult, such as aviation and heavy industry, some actors are aiming for zero emissions.

The table was first presented in chapter 5 of the UNEP Gap report 2019 and in a comment in Nature and is updated regularly since. Given the scope of existing policies and rapid change in policymaking, the table makes no claim to be exhaustive. Comments on additions are welcome, please contact Leonardo Nascimento. Greyed cells indicate that no data is available, or that the policy or action is not relevant in the specific actor scope.

Last updated 28 February 2020

Contact for further information: Niklas Höhne, Leonardo Nascimento