Pablo Lopez focuses on topics across development, climate policy and climate finance. He supports governments in developing greenhouse gas mitigation policies across different sectors, aiming to achieve national and international targets that contribute to a decarbonised economy. He also works on the best strategies to finance and implement these low carbon policies, as well as steering climate finance providers to align all their activities with international climate targets. Pablo has worked in the climate and sustainability sectors for well over a decade, both in private and non-profit organisations. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and an MSc in Energy Science from Utrecht University. 

Landscape for mitigation action and finance in Georgia’s agriculture sector
Publication date 01 Apr 2022

Climate Smart Agriculture practices in the context of Georgia’s climate mitigation efforts This report provides an overview of the...

Green Hydrogen Applications in Mongolia
Publication date 24 Sep 2021

This study investigates the techno-economic potential of green hydrogen production in Mongolia, and its application in three hard-to...

Decarbonisation Pathways for the EU Cement Sector
Publication date 17 Dec 2020

The EU cement sector has made progress to reduce emissions in the past three decades, yet there is a long way ahead for the carbon...

Haciendo Realidad las Estrategias a Largo Plazo para un Desarrollo Bajo en Emisiones de GEI
Publication date 03 Dec 2020

Esta guía ofrece recomendaciones a los tomadores de decisiones sobre cómo abordar la elaboración de una LTS o estrategia a largo plazo...

Capacity building for integrated and ambitious climate policy planning in Georgia and Mongolia

NewClimate Institute, as an implementing partner of GIZ, supports the Governments of Georgia and Mongolia with the further development...

Haciendo Realidad las Estrategias de Desarrollo Bajo en Emisiones de GEI
Venue Online
Date 03 Dec 2020

Sofia Gonzales-Zuñiga, Pablo Lopez Legarreta (ambos NewClimate Institute), Paola Vasconi (GIZ), Daniela García Sánchez (GIZ Costa Rica)...

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