NewClimate Institute at COP 21 in Paris

NewClimate Institute is at COP21 in Paris. The team will provide new inputs from recent research in the fields of INDCs, climate change negotiations, climate and development, carbon markets, climate finance and international cooperative initiatives. Please check our flyer and website for updates on side events and for further information on individual projects.

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We look forward to meeting you in Paris!


NewClimate Institute contributions to COP21 in Paris:

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

 5 Climate Action Tracker – Up-to-date assessment of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. NewClimate Institute, Climate Analytics, Potsdam Institute, Ecofys.

Press conference: Press conference on coal gap, Tuesday, 1 December, 9:30, press conference room

Side event: Friday, 4 December, 11.30, UNFCCC Room 4

Press conference: Press conference on temperature update, Monday, 7 December, 10:30, press conference room


Database and policy brief Database and policy brief – Exploring sectoral decarbonisation trends for the G-20 countries – an interactive overview of current and future sectoral trends, including over 40 sector level indicators and their relation to 2 degree and best practice. (click on data tab)

Side event: Tuesday, 1 December, 18.30, EU pavilion, Room Luxemburg


 2 Lessons learned in the INDC preparation process – Challenges and catalytic effects. (presented at the EU side event)

Side Event: EU side event of the INDC forum in Rabat, Tuesday, 8 December, 10.00, EU Pavilion
7 Report – Global emissions could move significantly towards what’s needed for 2°C, if all countries would implement the policies that many already do. NewClimate Institute, PBL, IIASA.

Side event: Tuesday, 1 December, 18.30, EU Pavilion, Room Luxemburg




 Report and database Report and database – Which countries apply good practice climate policies? NewClimate Institute.

Co-Benefits_of_Climate_Action_Infographic_together1_web Report – Assessing the missed benefits of countries’ national contributions.

6 UNEP emissions gap report 2015 – NewClimate Institute undertook INDC assessment and provided technical support.

Side event: Friday, 4 December, 18.30, EU Pavilion

Ministerial launch: Monday, 7 December, 13.15



 A future international agreement on climate change

UBA mitigation commitments Report – How can the new climate agreement support robust national mitigation targets? NewClimate Institute, Wuppertal Institut, Öko-Institut, Fraunhofer ISI, Climate Analytics, Ecofys.

Side event: Monday, 7 December, 12.00, German Pavilion
10 Report – ACT 2015 suggestions for legal text for a 2015 climate change agreement. WRI, Ateneo School of Government, E3G, NewClimate Institute, Ecofys, Energeia, Institute for European Studies, PBL, Tsinghua University.

Side event: Tuesday, 1 December, 11.00, Salle 1 Climate Generations Area


 Climate and development

 Mitigation Momentum Sustainable energy production from biomass waste in Peru – Supporting the development of the NAMA proposal. Mitigation Momentum project. ECN, Ecofys, NewClimate Institute. Side event by MAPS: How INDCs shape development, Tuesday, 8 December, time tbd, UNFCCC Room 4
gpa_2.0 Global Good Practice Analysis 2.0 – Case studies and analysis of global good practices in LEDS, NAMAs, MRV and INDCs for the Mitigation & MRV Partnership. NewClimate Institute, ECN, TERI and Libelula. Side events: Monday, 7 December, 17.00, Morocco Pavilion

Friday, 11 December, time and room tbd

OECC NAMA Guidebook Report – Third Edition of the OECC NAMA Guidebook by various authors including NewClimate Institute.

Side event: Wednesday, 9 December, 13:30, Japanese Pavilion

Carbon market mechanisms

CDM evaluation Report – Analysing the status quo of CDM projects. Unique data closes major CDM knowledge gaps. NewClimate Institute, Ecofys.


Side event: Wednesday, 2 December, 12.00, German Pavilion

RBF Report – Results based financing. Potential from combining carbon market and non-market climate finance. NewClimate Institute.

Side event by EU NMM project: Wednesday, 9 December, 16.30, EU Pavilion
Impact_of_the_CDM Report – Impacts of the Clean Development Mechanism. NewClimate Institute.



Climate finance

 2c Defining 2°C compatible investment criteria – NewClimate Institute, Germanwatch and the 2° Investing Initiative to explore criteria to assess the alignment of investment and financing with the 2°C limit.

Side event: Tuesday, 1 December, 12.00, German Pavilion


International cooperative initiatives

 1 Gt Coalition 1Gt Coalition – NewClimate Institute and Yale University prepared the inaugural report of the 1Gt Coalition.

Ministerial launch: Monday, 7 December, 12.15, Norwegian Pavilion

Side event: Monday, 7 December, 17.45, Salle 8, Climate Generations Area

UBA ICIs Report – How much more could Germany achieve through non-state action? Quantifying the impact of subnational and international cooperative initiatives on the future greenhouse gas emissions of Germany.

Side event: Mapping the state of play – Analysing non-state and subnational climate actions.

Saturday, 5 December, 15.00, Marie Curie Room, Cordelier Campus of the University Pierre et Marie Curie